waltritsch a+u | Arch. Dimitri Waltritsch MA Bi

waltritsch a+u, architetti urbanisti is operating since year 2001 in Trieste. The office activity is spanning between architecture, interior design and urban planning. It offers professional skills, creative solutions and efficient professional services, in order to reach ultimate project quality in accordance to the client goal and ambition. Projects are approached mixing pragmatism with an optimistic stance, combining research and professional knowledge, to build specific and unique solutions as the best answer to the given task.
Among realized projects, the cultural and educational KBcenter in Gorizia, the urban plan Casanova for the extension of the city of Bolzano with 1.000 new homes and services, the Shanghai Jia Ding International Community Masterplan for an area of 100 ha, the provincial Media Library Casiraghi in Gorizia and the renovation of the Cogeco headquarters in Trieste.
waltritsch a+u has also been involved in a series of partnerships with renewed international offices  for projects in Italy, including a long collaboration with Frits van Dongen / de Architecten Cie. from Amsterdam since the start, and have realized in partnerships plans and projects for the cities of Trieste, Roma and Bolzano.
Projects and buildings have been published in magazines and books in Italy, China, Germany, The Netherlands, Spain, France, Portugal, Slovenia, Croatia, Austria, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Korea, Singapore, Iran, Malaysia etc., and in more than 30 countries worldwide on the web. Works have also received several prizes and been exhibited throughout the world in many occasions (e.g. Columbia University New York, Berlage gallery Amsterdam, Biennale di Architettura Venezia and at the World Congress of Architecture UIA 2011 held in Tokyo).


Dimitri Waltritsch has trained at the IUAV in Venezia (Degree in Architecture) and at The Berlage Institute Rotterdam (Master of Excellence in Architecture). Before starting his own career he have been gaining professional experiences in architecture and urban planning in several European countries and Japan (Cie. / Frits van Dongen - Amsterdam, Renzo Piano Building Workshop - Paris, Ashihara International - Tokyo, Elia Zenghelis - Athens). Dimitri Waltritsch is teaching Architectural Design at the Faculty of Architecture of the Trieste University, has been teaching Urban Design at the Ferrara Faculty of Architecture, has been juror for the Österreicher Bauherren Preis, Innodesign France, has lectured at the Columbia University in New York, the Berlage Institute in Amsterdam, the Universities of Venezia and Firenze and the Haus der Architektur in Graz and Klagenfurt.


Office collaborators since 2001:Guido Bastiani, Paolo Cerioni, Achille Corradin, Alice Covatta, Federico Gori, Leonardo De Marchi, Miquel Albert Marqués Meseguer, Marco Medizza, Cecilia Morassi, María José Pitarch Romero, Ilaria Sagrati, Ileana Toscano. Trainees: Francesco Allaix, Gina De Blasio, Katia Cescon, Mattia Deanna, Giulia Favi, Francesco Iuretig, Marta Kops, Katarzyna Koza, Igor Kušeta, Alice Liani, Matija Luk, Cristina Malalan, David Milano, Luka Murovec, Giuseppe Musmeci, Elissa Nigli, Alberto Pacor, Maria Ginevra Pieri, Lorenzo Pillan, Alessandra Rinaldi, Anaïs Sabiani, Cornelia Sava, Aleksandra Stanek, Daniele Strano, Monica Tejedòr Belmonte, Giuseppe Tinè, Ariella Valente, Arzu Yorulmaz.


Professional partners since 2001:Frits van Dongen / de Architecten Cie., GZA Elia Zenghelis Eleni Gigantes Architects, Arch. Anna Webjörn, Arch. Piero Celli, Salvatore Re + Leonardo, Arch. Thomas Bisiani, Arch. Piero Ongaro, Guarnieri Architects, Ing. Ton Schaap, Favero & Milan Ingenieria, Ing. Iztok Smotlak, Bensa PM, Ing. Renzo Cocetta, AI Engineering, Battle McCarthy Consulting Engineers, Ing. Michele Carlini, Ing. Erwin Mumelter, Ing. Isaia Clemente, Ing. Pietro Mazzanti, Ferrara Associati, Michael van Gessel Landschaft Architect, Helene Hoelzl landscapes, Matteo Pierattini paesaggista, p.i. Lorenzo Schirra, p.i. Fabrizio Matiussi, p.i. Paolo Tomasi, p.i. Elio Tommasini, p.i. Giorgio de Luca.